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"The Wildlings" are a new rock & soul band project led by the original music of front-woman, Kaylyn Marie. The band possesses a retro pop sound with bits of rhythm and blues and snippets of bebop and swing. In 2017, they had an over-capacity debut at Rockwood Music Hall. In 2018, they had an over capacity residency on the same stage.

Due to being a New York based project composed of highly in-demand musicians, the Wildling members remain "wild"  with various configurations for each performance. Depending on the gig, you could catch an intimate duo, a groovy quartet, or a twistin'-n-shoutin' 8-piece. 

Members have included the admirable talents of Christian Nourijanian (keys), Adam Narimatsu (keys), Dustin Kaufman (drums), Davis Rowan (drums), Tim Basom (guitar), Dan Saulpaugh (guitar), Douglas Berns (bass), Trevor Brown (bass), Michael McGarril(saxophone), Kellon Anderson (saxophone), Alexandra Johnson (trumpet), Isaac Kaplan (trombone), Rachel Guest (background vocals & tap), Angela Travino(background vocals), and Lindsay Dunphy (background vocals).

In 2018, they just completed a 3-month residency at their home-base, Rockwood Music Hall. They are currently gearing up with Paul Loren to produce and record their debut single. 

They love you for reading all of this and hope to catch you at the next jive!

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